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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bleah! Just what I need, another crochet fascination!

I tell you, I can't find time to crochet or read or anything! My husband is consumed with cabin this and cabin that and getting this outhouse we're building done. Which basically means I also have to be consumed with it too. I'm up to my eyeballs in it! I'm excited to have a small cabin but when my husband gets on a "project", that is all his mind will latch on to and he fully expects me to be there every second. I am completely different in that I have difficulty sticking projects out because there are so many things I want to do and my attention wanders all the time. I just bought a cute little five dollar crochet book at wal-mart, it has a couple owls, mushrooms and other animals in it. Fully intent on making said mushrooms, I've already been distracted by scrumbles. I've never worked freeform crochet but man I have seen some gorgeous makes out there! So now I want to see if I can do it. Only that leads to thinking I don't have any unique yarns to throw in the mix which leads to me wanting to shop! Not a bad thing but I do have to watch the spending. So all I have been able to do is drool over everyone's projects and try to figure out how to get my husband distracted so I can have some me time. I NEED some crochet time! That's whats been going on here so I have not posted much lately. I'm going to try to get some time to dig through my yarn or maybe come up with some sketches of ideas for free form. I think I'd like to make a wall hanging for my craft room. Do any of you free form? If so I'd love to hear all about it and see pics if you have any.  I guess that's about it for now, if I get some time to actually try this out I'll show some photos. Unless it just stinks and would embarrass the hell out of me! Bye!!!!