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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Technical difficulties!

I'm having issues with my laptop and am not familiar enough with my xoom to do pics from it so I haven't been able to post. I just bought the xoom manual somebody finally had the sense to put out and my brother is going to help me sort my laptop out very soon. It's my daughter's eleventh b-day today and I have a lot to do. I also want to get Christmas Decs down and out and get the house back to normal. Love Xmas but I have to say I'm ready for parties to be over with. Hope everyone had a lovely Xmas and I'll be back hopefully very soon! My fingers are itching to try a couple of patterns I saw yesterday, at Colour in a simple life. A bobble daisy square and a bobble granny.
The granny is so pretty and I really really want to try it. Perhaps a row here and there in between squares for my afghan. I really should not look at blogs while in the middle of a project, I just get distracted by all the beautiful inspiration out there! I do plan on trying the bobble granny, it is quite unique and also looks like a great stash buster. So have a great day and I'll see you soon!

Friday, December 23, 2011

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Special Olympics Scarves, Mini Projects and What I'm Reading


These are my pink/red squares, showing how I will order the colors three different ways.

I love these shades even though I never used to like pink and red. I do now though. I've been trying to use them more.

These are what I've made so far. I still dislike the orange a bit but after two trips to the store I've concluded there needs to be a lot more shades of orange made! 

I'm hoping that when it's all put together maybe they will blend okay.

Other than that I like it and I try to make a couple squares a night.

I did sidetrack a little, I made a little soap spa coat for myself and one for my mother in law.

Haven't used it yet as I want to go buy some Indigo Wild soap to put in it.

 Ah, my latest purchase. I feel like I've been waiting a long time for this to come out. 

I will wait as I have to finish what I'm already reading.
 This is what I'm reading right now. I watched the movie first, which was good but I will always take books over movies. They just don't compare!

I am already eyeballing another book called The Thirteen Hallows. I have hinted to my husband about it so we'll see.
These are a couple stars for the garland I want to make. Easy pattern and I like the style.

I've also decided to participate in the special olympics scarves project. 

Details are on red hearts web site. I'm off now to grab my brother and get some yarn to start this with.

Happy crocheting!!! 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crochet and Flickr

 Hello! Well I thought I'd show my new little fairy girl. She's my second one, I think she's very cute! I quite like fairies and such. I just made another flickr group, it's called Fairies, Spirits, Woodland and Mythical Creatures. Anything bought, home made or pictures if you care to have a look. I like magical things, I have an open mind and heart. I spend a lot of time thinking of our world and all the things out there and their purpose. 
On another topic ( crochet of course) I got frustrated with the grandala squares I was making and so I went to the artist of the family, my brother Chris. He helped me work through my color choices and so I'm now all settled and ready to work on my blanket. I chose three shades each of my six colors and will mix their order up in each square, keeping the reds together and yellows together and so on. Then I changed my border color from grey to antique white. Now I'm pleased as punch and ready to roll! 
I also made a quick Christmas
light garland, it was so fast
                                                                                                                                                                  and easy to make. I got the
                                                                                                                                                                     pattern here. I'm also working on some stars for another garland, pattern here and spa soap coats, pattern here. Scroll to the bottom to find the pattern! Just some quick things to make in between a big project. Okay, I have to go now, I have the only working computer at the moment and my son is patiently (NOT) waiting to play mine-craft.     P.S. I would like to thank everyone who leaves me comments, they are much appreciated and make me very happy!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Another Stocking and Blanket Beginnings.

 Yes, another stocking! My son chose his colors, I think it looks okay. He loves anything military. I still have two more to make, for my oldest boys. Though I guess at 20 and 22 they're not really boys any more.
I started the blanket I mentioned before, using Alice's pattern from Crochet with Raymond. I'm really trying to use up my stash of yarn, I literally have a closet full! I'm not diggin my yellow and orange choices though. I might slide over to the store and get one or two colors that blend a little better. You would think with all I have that I could find a few different shades to choose from. I just don't have that many for those two colors. So after lunch I believe I'll bop over to hobby lobby and get one roll of yellow and one orange. I'll take a piece of the two colors I like out of each set so I can find something that blends well (see how I talk myself into making it okay)? I'm sure there are a few yarnaholics who can relate! I've enjoyed myself so far in making these. I set myself up in my cleaned up craft room yesterday, stuck in Lost to listen to while I worked and had a nice afternoon. I have cooking and baking planned for the weekend but in between I'm going to shut myself up in my room and crochet the day away! Have a good weekend everyone!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Christmas

                                             These are the first four stockings I've made using Lemondedesucrette's pattern. 
                                            They are easy to make thanks to her wonderful drawings and directions. I have
                                             a few more to make for my family, they are quite addicting.
                                             This is a little bell pattern I used from the internet. I didn't print it out so I 
                                            don't recall who made it. it was called Free five minute christmas bell. Easy, 
                                             fast and you could do so many things to embellish it. 
                                            I have chores awaiting so off I go. I want to whip through them so I can 
                                            make more Christmas things while I'm on a roll! I'm also giving in to the need
                                            to start a granny square blanket using this pattern. I'm feeling quite happy at 
                                            the moment, a little inner peace going on! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Crafts

       This is my first version of Lemondedesucrette's little Christmas stocking. I messed it up a smidge but I worked out okay.
      This is my second stocking. I had these little light buttons and thought they would look cute. I'm going to make one for 
      everyone in my house and hang them on the mantel.
     Not Christmas I know, I just wanted to show my finished vintage stripe afghan. I only have a few ends to weave in, so I 
     consider it done! It has taken way too long to finish and I'm glad to have it over! I'm ready to start a new blanket, not 
     sure what yet, I'll have fun looking though. Well I'm off to make some more stockings, check her site out for the pattern, 
    they're cute and easy. Have a good one!