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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Owls, Dogs & Crochet

 Well I guess I'm not going to say I'll be back tomorrow anymore cuz I can't seem to follow through. I have good intentions, I just get sidetracked very easily.
 I have four kids, ages 10, 12, 20 & 22. You'd think I wouldn't have so much to take on with the older two but they're the one's that keep me hopping. Don't look for jobs, didn't graduate, have a dog each that I wind up paying everything for and on and on. I just get wiped out dealing with it all. So lately I don't seem to find any me time.
I am happy though that my 20 year old Cody, finally went to test for his drivers license on Thursday. He missed by two but we're going back on Monday. So I guess there's hope. I just keep plugging away, telling myself they'll get it together and become responsible.
On to better things, I drug out my vintage stripe afghan, in the hopes that I will see it and finish it. It's so big and obnoxious  I can only do a row or two at a time. This is an older pic, I was having trouble going through and finding one that shows my current progress. I'll slug through I guess, even though I'm chomping at the bit to start a scrap afghan. I'll never learn!

Lately I've been loving owls, and I have several around my craft room. I got these three at an antique type store. The large owls head comes off so you can stash stuff. Not sure what though but he's cute as is. My husband ordered the owl ironing board and iron for me after we went on vacation and I saw this exact one in a store window. The shop was closed and I was so bummed to not get it. So he ordered this off ebay and surprised me. It was a HUGE surprise as he's not ever done anything like that before. Made me feel special.
 I have something else to show, my son Cody's dog Forrest. I've mentioned him I think, he's about eight and a half months old now. He's a boxer and he's just a big dork, he's always happy and ready to play, he's super sweet and gentle. My oldest son Seth lives with a friend
 who has a pit bull. We were taking him some dog food one day, I stayed in the truck cuz I was on the phone. Cody went to the door with Forrest. As soon as Seth opened the door the pit bull lunged at Forrest and got him around his neck. I suddenly heard all this commotion and it jumped in my head that it was the dogs. So I ran over and there's the dog trying to thrash Forrest. I've read and seen a lot of stuff about pit bull attacks but in person it scares the shit out of you! Cody and I were trying to get his mouth open and Seth was hitting him everywhere, poking his eyes, you name it. He would not let go. Seth finally twisted his leg around and he let Forrest go and lunged at Seth. Which was one thing going through my head. If we got him loose I was afraid that was what he would do. Seth jumped back fast enough and got him by his neck and into the house. So Forrest wound up with holes and a long cut in his neck and Cody's hand got infected. Between the two of them I wound up spending just shy of 500.00 dollars. That sucked but I'll tell you, I love that dog as much as my own and it was gut wrenching hearing him squealing and in pain.He had a drain tube put in his neck cuz it was so swollen with infection. after taking medicine and a few days they took the tube out. These pics don't show it very well but he looked horrible.
 I'm happy he's good to go now, he's healed up nicely and back to being a big doofus. So careful if you have animals, you never know when something like that will happen.
Oh, I almost forgot, I got some new crochet books, so of course that's more things to make! Some very cute stuff in these! So that's about it for now, I'm falling asleep sitting up. So happy hooking till next time!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Giant Granny Aghan Finished!

      I finally finished my giant granny afghan. A miracle for me as I take so long to complete big projects.
     I really liked this though, it's such a big departure from my usual color palette. Bright and pretty.
    I used Lucy's edging pattern from Attic 24. I thought it gave it a nice frilly look. Now I'm looking to finish my vintage stripe afghan, it's just getting cold and I really want to have it done for the winter. It's just so big and massively heavy I have a hard time working with it. It is very pretty though and I think it is going to look awesome on my bed. So I'll push through. I also want to make some x-mas decorations, so I guess I'd better get the hook to work! I've been side tracked as I said before with a couple of short vacation trips, I got a xoom and I'm still working through figuring it out and many other things that make me want to pull my hair out. I'm slowly getting back on track though which makes me very happy. I have some pics of vacation and a story about my sons dog. So I'll be back tomorrow!