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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Technical difficulties!

I'm having issues with my laptop and am not familiar enough with my xoom to do pics from it so I haven't been able to post. I just bought the xoom manual somebody finally had the sense to put out and my brother is going to help me sort my laptop out very soon. It's my daughter's eleventh b-day today and I have a lot to do. I also want to get Christmas Decs down and out and get the house back to normal. Love Xmas but I have to say I'm ready for parties to be over with. Hope everyone had a lovely Xmas and I'll be back hopefully very soon! My fingers are itching to try a couple of patterns I saw yesterday, at Colour in a simple life. A bobble daisy square and a bobble granny.
The granny is so pretty and I really really want to try it. Perhaps a row here and there in between squares for my afghan. I really should not look at blogs while in the middle of a project, I just get distracted by all the beautiful inspiration out there! I do plan on trying the bobble granny, it is quite unique and also looks like a great stash buster. So have a great day and I'll see you soon!

Friday, December 23, 2011

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Special Olympics Scarves, Mini Projects and What I'm Reading


These are my pink/red squares, showing how I will order the colors three different ways.

I love these shades even though I never used to like pink and red. I do now though. I've been trying to use them more.

These are what I've made so far. I still dislike the orange a bit but after two trips to the store I've concluded there needs to be a lot more shades of orange made! 

I'm hoping that when it's all put together maybe they will blend okay.

Other than that I like it and I try to make a couple squares a night.

I did sidetrack a little, I made a little soap spa coat for myself and one for my mother in law.

Haven't used it yet as I want to go buy some Indigo Wild soap to put in it.

 Ah, my latest purchase. I feel like I've been waiting a long time for this to come out. 

I will wait as I have to finish what I'm already reading.
 This is what I'm reading right now. I watched the movie first, which was good but I will always take books over movies. They just don't compare!

I am already eyeballing another book called The Thirteen Hallows. I have hinted to my husband about it so we'll see.
These are a couple stars for the garland I want to make. Easy pattern and I like the style.

I've also decided to participate in the special olympics scarves project. 

Details are on red hearts web site. I'm off now to grab my brother and get some yarn to start this with.

Happy crocheting!!! 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crochet and Flickr

 Hello! Well I thought I'd show my new little fairy girl. She's my second one, I think she's very cute! I quite like fairies and such. I just made another flickr group, it's called Fairies, Spirits, Woodland and Mythical Creatures. Anything bought, home made or pictures if you care to have a look. I like magical things, I have an open mind and heart. I spend a lot of time thinking of our world and all the things out there and their purpose. 
On another topic ( crochet of course) I got frustrated with the grandala squares I was making and so I went to the artist of the family, my brother Chris. He helped me work through my color choices and so I'm now all settled and ready to work on my blanket. I chose three shades each of my six colors and will mix their order up in each square, keeping the reds together and yellows together and so on. Then I changed my border color from grey to antique white. Now I'm pleased as punch and ready to roll! 
I also made a quick Christmas
light garland, it was so fast
                                                                                                                                                                  and easy to make. I got the
                                                                                                                                                                     pattern here. I'm also working on some stars for another garland, pattern here and spa soap coats, pattern here. Scroll to the bottom to find the pattern! Just some quick things to make in between a big project. Okay, I have to go now, I have the only working computer at the moment and my son is patiently (NOT) waiting to play mine-craft.     P.S. I would like to thank everyone who leaves me comments, they are much appreciated and make me very happy!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Another Stocking and Blanket Beginnings.

 Yes, another stocking! My son chose his colors, I think it looks okay. He loves anything military. I still have two more to make, for my oldest boys. Though I guess at 20 and 22 they're not really boys any more.
I started the blanket I mentioned before, using Alice's pattern from Crochet with Raymond. I'm really trying to use up my stash of yarn, I literally have a closet full! I'm not diggin my yellow and orange choices though. I might slide over to the store and get one or two colors that blend a little better. You would think with all I have that I could find a few different shades to choose from. I just don't have that many for those two colors. So after lunch I believe I'll bop over to hobby lobby and get one roll of yellow and one orange. I'll take a piece of the two colors I like out of each set so I can find something that blends well (see how I talk myself into making it okay)? I'm sure there are a few yarnaholics who can relate! I've enjoyed myself so far in making these. I set myself up in my cleaned up craft room yesterday, stuck in Lost to listen to while I worked and had a nice afternoon. I have cooking and baking planned for the weekend but in between I'm going to shut myself up in my room and crochet the day away! Have a good weekend everyone!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Christmas

                                             These are the first four stockings I've made using Lemondedesucrette's pattern. 
                                            They are easy to make thanks to her wonderful drawings and directions. I have
                                             a few more to make for my family, they are quite addicting.
                                             This is a little bell pattern I used from the internet. I didn't print it out so I 
                                            don't recall who made it. it was called Free five minute christmas bell. Easy, 
                                             fast and you could do so many things to embellish it. 
                                            I have chores awaiting so off I go. I want to whip through them so I can 
                                            make more Christmas things while I'm on a roll! I'm also giving in to the need
                                            to start a granny square blanket using this pattern. I'm feeling quite happy at 
                                            the moment, a little inner peace going on! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Crafts

       This is my first version of Lemondedesucrette's little Christmas stocking. I messed it up a smidge but I worked out okay.
      This is my second stocking. I had these little light buttons and thought they would look cute. I'm going to make one for 
      everyone in my house and hang them on the mantel.
     Not Christmas I know, I just wanted to show my finished vintage stripe afghan. I only have a few ends to weave in, so I 
     consider it done! It has taken way too long to finish and I'm glad to have it over! I'm ready to start a new blanket, not 
     sure what yet, I'll have fun looking though. Well I'm off to make some more stockings, check her site out for the pattern, 
    they're cute and easy. Have a good one!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Felt Ornaments

                                                       I made a little tree up but it kinda looks crappy. The glue shows a bit 
                                                 but I wasn't sure what else to use for the pompoms.  I may try another tree
                                                 but with different decorations next time.
                                                          I made this owl on Thursday.  It's out of the Fa La La La Felt book also.
                                                     I got a little crazy with the stitches, as I've said, a sewer I am not. I'm having
                                                     fun learning though. I was thinking I would make several and make them into a
                                                   garland or something.
                                                            I've also been busy working to finish the vintage stripe afghan that's been
                                                      sitting about forever. I finished the stripes and now I need to sew in the ends.
                                                   I really want to make the granny stripes afghan from Attic24. I found an edging I really
                                                 like at another site to go with it. I have such a short attention span but I'm so drawn to afghans!
                                                      So I'm gonna fly through this one so I can move on to the next.
                                                      That's the newest with me. Till next time!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fa La La La Felt

 Hello again! 
I wanted to show my newest craft books and a couple of things I made. 
I'm gearing up for Christmas, I have several things I want to make. 
I bough the Fa La La La Felt book, it has the cutest felt projects. My brother and I spent Saturday working on a couple things from this book. I'm new to working with felt, I must say, it's quite fun. I'm going to be making more from this book, it's got some sweet little projects in it.
This is a crochet ball ornament, I like the pattern but I don't like how this sparkle yarn looks. I'll probably make more with a different yarn. Then you just had the little hooks to hang it on the tree.
 Another craft book I bought, it has several types of crafts in it. I said I think it's for kids, so it will probably work for me. I can't sew very well and since I am just starting in felt I figured it would be a good starter book. I haven't made anything out of it yet but I plan on doing that in the next couple of days.
I made this crochet bell. A good pattern only I want to add a row to the bottom that flares out a bit more.
It's cute though and makes me think of my grandma and all the old ornaments she has for her tree. 

 I made this from the Fa La La La Felt book.
I love gingerbread projects of any kind! I had a lot of fun making this at my brother's, he made one too. I didn't have any ribbon but some old rick rack did the trick!
This is the other project I made from that book, a ginger doll.
I had a little trouble with her but she's still cute.
I definitely want to make more out of that book, it's got some adorable stuff in it. 
Like the picture on the front, I want to make those trees. 
So I've been kinda busy with projects and reading and I just discovered The FlyLady's site. I'm a terrible cleaning person, not the everyday things but the deep cleaning kind of stuff.
It's overwhelming so I was happy to find her and see if I can manage things better with a little help. It's easier having some direction sometimes! 
Okay, I'm off, I've been fiddling on the computer for way to long (it is rather addicting!) so I'd better go do something that needs doing! Happy day to all! 


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mr. Owl Pillow

       Well I finally got a project done! I was shopping with my brother at Jo-Anne fabric store and saw this flier. I 
        love owls so of course I had to get it and all the supplies right then and there. I dropped everything else and 
      have just worked on the pillow. I had a couple misshaps but it all righted itself out. I like the basic pattern and you could probably make anything you wanted out of it. The pattern shows little green eyes but as I pilfered in my button stash I spotted these yellow ones. I love yellow and they were sweet and shiny. So on they went. I'm very happy with it and now it will be treasured.
     My daughter Shelby and my husband Howard got started on pumpkins. Matthew had no interest so Shelby made his also. Seems like the interest level ebbs little by little every year. Sigh. Maybe we'll fair better with Christmas. Hope everyone had a good Halloween and I'll be back soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Owls, Dogs & Crochet

 Well I guess I'm not going to say I'll be back tomorrow anymore cuz I can't seem to follow through. I have good intentions, I just get sidetracked very easily.
 I have four kids, ages 10, 12, 20 & 22. You'd think I wouldn't have so much to take on with the older two but they're the one's that keep me hopping. Don't look for jobs, didn't graduate, have a dog each that I wind up paying everything for and on and on. I just get wiped out dealing with it all. So lately I don't seem to find any me time.
I am happy though that my 20 year old Cody, finally went to test for his drivers license on Thursday. He missed by two but we're going back on Monday. So I guess there's hope. I just keep plugging away, telling myself they'll get it together and become responsible.
On to better things, I drug out my vintage stripe afghan, in the hopes that I will see it and finish it. It's so big and obnoxious  I can only do a row or two at a time. This is an older pic, I was having trouble going through and finding one that shows my current progress. I'll slug through I guess, even though I'm chomping at the bit to start a scrap afghan. I'll never learn!

Lately I've been loving owls, and I have several around my craft room. I got these three at an antique type store. The large owls head comes off so you can stash stuff. Not sure what though but he's cute as is. My husband ordered the owl ironing board and iron for me after we went on vacation and I saw this exact one in a store window. The shop was closed and I was so bummed to not get it. So he ordered this off ebay and surprised me. It was a HUGE surprise as he's not ever done anything like that before. Made me feel special.
 I have something else to show, my son Cody's dog Forrest. I've mentioned him I think, he's about eight and a half months old now. He's a boxer and he's just a big dork, he's always happy and ready to play, he's super sweet and gentle. My oldest son Seth lives with a friend
 who has a pit bull. We were taking him some dog food one day, I stayed in the truck cuz I was on the phone. Cody went to the door with Forrest. As soon as Seth opened the door the pit bull lunged at Forrest and got him around his neck. I suddenly heard all this commotion and it jumped in my head that it was the dogs. So I ran over and there's the dog trying to thrash Forrest. I've read and seen a lot of stuff about pit bull attacks but in person it scares the shit out of you! Cody and I were trying to get his mouth open and Seth was hitting him everywhere, poking his eyes, you name it. He would not let go. Seth finally twisted his leg around and he let Forrest go and lunged at Seth. Which was one thing going through my head. If we got him loose I was afraid that was what he would do. Seth jumped back fast enough and got him by his neck and into the house. So Forrest wound up with holes and a long cut in his neck and Cody's hand got infected. Between the two of them I wound up spending just shy of 500.00 dollars. That sucked but I'll tell you, I love that dog as much as my own and it was gut wrenching hearing him squealing and in pain.He had a drain tube put in his neck cuz it was so swollen with infection. after taking medicine and a few days they took the tube out. These pics don't show it very well but he looked horrible.
 I'm happy he's good to go now, he's healed up nicely and back to being a big doofus. So careful if you have animals, you never know when something like that will happen.
Oh, I almost forgot, I got some new crochet books, so of course that's more things to make! Some very cute stuff in these! So that's about it for now, I'm falling asleep sitting up. So happy hooking till next time!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Giant Granny Aghan Finished!

      I finally finished my giant granny afghan. A miracle for me as I take so long to complete big projects.
     I really liked this though, it's such a big departure from my usual color palette. Bright and pretty.
    I used Lucy's edging pattern from Attic 24. I thought it gave it a nice frilly look. Now I'm looking to finish my vintage stripe afghan, it's just getting cold and I really want to have it done for the winter. It's just so big and massively heavy I have a hard time working with it. It is very pretty though and I think it is going to look awesome on my bed. So I'll push through. I also want to make some x-mas decorations, so I guess I'd better get the hook to work! I've been side tracked as I said before with a couple of short vacation trips, I got a xoom and I'm still working through figuring it out and many other things that make me want to pull my hair out. I'm slowly getting back on track though which makes me very happy. I have some pics of vacation and a story about my sons dog. So I'll be back tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Moment

I apologize for the long silence but I have had many things to deal with of late and have not been able to post. I'm going to Lagoon for a mini vacation with some family this weekend and then school starts. I'm hoping that with the kids in school I will have more time to craft and blog. If I find it too difficult then I may give up blogging. I don't want to bore the pants off anyone! So I will be back with something next week and hopefully quite often after that!

Monday, August 8, 2011


My son is a total addict when it comes to the game Maplestory. He will sit and play for hours if I don't monitor him. I was scrolling through Ravelry one day looking at amigurumi. The little man (not so little really, he's twelve) saw this slime and about had a stoke, bellowing at me that I HAD to make it. He then proceeded to look through Ravelry himself and continue to point out to me all the things I need to make for him. I foresee a problem with this as I already have Soooooooooooooooooooo many projects on the hook, Soooooooooooooooooooooo many I want to make and of course things I would like to make for other people.  I need several more hands and time! I would teach him to crochet but I have to say, my boy is fierce, meaning he comes unhinged at the slightest failure. Not fun. Of course, my daughter ( who is ten) is learning, quite quickly, so perhaps he can persuade her to make him something! She's a sweetheart so I doubt she'd say no. So at any rate, I made him his slime and when I was done I realized I got the eyes crooked! He doesn't care though, bless him, he was just happy to get it. More practice for me, I have not made many amigurumi. Right now I'm starting to make a slice of pie. I forgot to take pics, I bought two crochet books, one is Crochet Bouquet, which I've drooled over before and the other is Tasty Crochet. Next time I'll get a pic of the books and whatever I've made from them. Till then, happy crocheting!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Poms and a Phone Case

                                  I found the pattern for this little phone case and knew I wanted to make one. My brother and I each made one, although I didn't get a pic of his. It's so cute, the next time i see him I'll have to take a picture. I found the pattern here.
                                I've never messed with button holes or lining anything so this was a great pattern for me to try. I love this fabric, I bought it a bit ago and have wanted to use it for awhile.
                                     A good pattern, give it a try. I think I'll make one from top to bottom instead of side to side and use one button.
                                         I made a few poms, I want to string a few together for an autumn garland.I always get antsy pants for the fall.
                                   Had to throw this in. I love this show, happy to get to see the third season.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thrifting and Afghan Progress

        I found this awesome basket in a store called Dunia. They sell handmade items from other countries. I've gone there the last two years for my  b-day with my mother in law. I said it would be perfect to hold some yarn or a current project. My daughter asked me "Is yarn all you ever think about?" I of course said "Why yes, it is!" She thinks I'm nuts.
        But goodness doesn't it look adorable holding my yummy yarn and my giant granny afghan? I think so. I'm now on round 33. Not sure how big I'll make it but I'm enjoying working on it.
       While out shopping, I also found these two placards, for 1.50 each. I love snoopy so I smashed them to me and ran to buy them. I'll knock you out of the way if I see old snoopy items. Really.
      I was especially excited over this one as Race For Your Life Charlie Brown is my favorite peanuts movie. So That's what I've been up to. A little shopping and working on my afghan. This Friday a group of us are off to see the last Harry Potter. Can't wait for that, I love all things Harry Potter. Being that I'm really 16 inside instead of going on 41. So back soon with who knows what!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giant Granny

The start of my giant granny afghan. I joined in on Le monde de Sucrette's challenge. You can find it here.
               This is my daughters giant granny beginnings. She's going to try it too.
                                                                Love love love zombies!
                       The precious little's, sleeping off the heat under Cinnamon's cage.