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Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Christmas

                                             These are the first four stockings I've made using Lemondedesucrette's pattern. 
                                            They are easy to make thanks to her wonderful drawings and directions. I have
                                             a few more to make for my family, they are quite addicting.
                                             This is a little bell pattern I used from the internet. I didn't print it out so I 
                                            don't recall who made it. it was called Free five minute christmas bell. Easy, 
                                             fast and you could do so many things to embellish it. 
                                            I have chores awaiting so off I go. I want to whip through them so I can 
                                            make more Christmas things while I'm on a roll! I'm also giving in to the need
                                            to start a granny square blanket using this pattern. I'm feeling quite happy at 
                                            the moment, a little inner peace going on! 


  1. Your stockings are way cute and the tree its darling!

  2. Your Christmas stockings are so cute with the embellishments. I've been making a bunch, too, but haven't added anything to them. Have a great day. Tammy

  3. Lovely!! I made the christmas stockings as well. They were fun to make.