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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Giant Granny Aghan Finished!

      I finally finished my giant granny afghan. A miracle for me as I take so long to complete big projects.
     I really liked this though, it's such a big departure from my usual color palette. Bright and pretty.
    I used Lucy's edging pattern from Attic 24. I thought it gave it a nice frilly look. Now I'm looking to finish my vintage stripe afghan, it's just getting cold and I really want to have it done for the winter. It's just so big and massively heavy I have a hard time working with it. It is very pretty though and I think it is going to look awesome on my bed. So I'll push through. I also want to make some x-mas decorations, so I guess I'd better get the hook to work! I've been side tracked as I said before with a couple of short vacation trips, I got a xoom and I'm still working through figuring it out and many other things that make me want to pull my hair out. I'm slowly getting back on track though which makes me very happy. I have some pics of vacation and a story about my sons dog. So I'll be back tomorrow!


  1. Your giant granny turned out great and pooch sure does look comfy on it. I've not been working on much of late and certainly nothing big. Can't seem to focus at the moment, or figure out what I want to do. Glad to hear you are getting back on track. Take care! Best wishes, Tammy

  2. I love making these and this one is very pretty. :)