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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thrifting and Afghan Progress

        I found this awesome basket in a store called Dunia. They sell handmade items from other countries. I've gone there the last two years for my  b-day with my mother in law. I said it would be perfect to hold some yarn or a current project. My daughter asked me "Is yarn all you ever think about?" I of course said "Why yes, it is!" She thinks I'm nuts.
        But goodness doesn't it look adorable holding my yummy yarn and my giant granny afghan? I think so. I'm now on round 33. Not sure how big I'll make it but I'm enjoying working on it.
       While out shopping, I also found these two placards, for 1.50 each. I love snoopy so I smashed them to me and ran to buy them. I'll knock you out of the way if I see old snoopy items. Really.
      I was especially excited over this one as Race For Your Life Charlie Brown is my favorite peanuts movie. So That's what I've been up to. A little shopping and working on my afghan. This Friday a group of us are off to see the last Harry Potter. Can't wait for that, I love all things Harry Potter. Being that I'm really 16 inside instead of going on 41. So back soon with who knows what!


  1. Love your big granny square blanket and the colours are just LOVELY! Enjoy. Carina

  2. what a great find I love it...a friend of mine brought a smaller one of those back for me from Africa...yours is perfect for your yarn...and the colors of the granny square afghan are pretty, Oh me too I love HP how was the movie? I haven't seen it yet but wan to soon....

  3. I love that basket! Perfect for your yarn. I just posted today about figuring out the granny square. Tried for years to make one but couldn't understand all the patterns I tried to follow. Finally, came across one on a blog that made sense and now I got it. In fact, my first project was a pillow cover. And now I think I will use my leftover yarn to start on my own giant granny. Love how yours is coming along and lovely that your daughter is starting one too.

    I used to collect Snoopy items but gave them all away some years ago during a big clean out. :/

    Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  4. Your giant granny looks very nice, and I like the new basket you bought for your yarn. What a nice place to keep it and your project.