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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Poms and a Phone Case

                                  I found the pattern for this little phone case and knew I wanted to make one. My brother and I each made one, although I didn't get a pic of his. It's so cute, the next time i see him I'll have to take a picture. I found the pattern here.
                                I've never messed with button holes or lining anything so this was a great pattern for me to try. I love this fabric, I bought it a bit ago and have wanted to use it for awhile.
                                     A good pattern, give it a try. I think I'll make one from top to bottom instead of side to side and use one button.
                                         I made a few poms, I want to string a few together for an autumn garland.I always get antsy pants for the fall.
                                   Had to throw this in. I love this show, happy to get to see the third season.

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  1. Your phone case looks nice - cute fabric on the inside. :)