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Monday, August 8, 2011


My son is a total addict when it comes to the game Maplestory. He will sit and play for hours if I don't monitor him. I was scrolling through Ravelry one day looking at amigurumi. The little man (not so little really, he's twelve) saw this slime and about had a stoke, bellowing at me that I HAD to make it. He then proceeded to look through Ravelry himself and continue to point out to me all the things I need to make for him. I foresee a problem with this as I already have Soooooooooooooooooooo many projects on the hook, Soooooooooooooooooooooo many I want to make and of course things I would like to make for other people.  I need several more hands and time! I would teach him to crochet but I have to say, my boy is fierce, meaning he comes unhinged at the slightest failure. Not fun. Of course, my daughter ( who is ten) is learning, quite quickly, so perhaps he can persuade her to make him something! She's a sweetheart so I doubt she'd say no. So at any rate, I made him his slime and when I was done I realized I got the eyes crooked! He doesn't care though, bless him, he was just happy to get it. More practice for me, I have not made many amigurumi. Right now I'm starting to make a slice of pie. I forgot to take pics, I bought two crochet books, one is Crochet Bouquet, which I've drooled over before and the other is Tasty Crochet. Next time I'll get a pic of the books and whatever I've made from them. Till then, happy crocheting!

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