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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Felt Ornaments

                                                       I made a little tree up but it kinda looks crappy. The glue shows a bit 
                                                 but I wasn't sure what else to use for the pompoms.  I may try another tree
                                                 but with different decorations next time.
                                                          I made this owl on Thursday.  It's out of the Fa La La La Felt book also.
                                                     I got a little crazy with the stitches, as I've said, a sewer I am not. I'm having
                                                     fun learning though. I was thinking I would make several and make them into a
                                                   garland or something.
                                                            I've also been busy working to finish the vintage stripe afghan that's been
                                                      sitting about forever. I finished the stripes and now I need to sew in the ends.
                                                   I really want to make the granny stripes afghan from Attic24. I found an edging I really
                                                 like at another site to go with it. I have such a short attention span but I'm so drawn to afghans!
                                                      So I'm gonna fly through this one so I can move on to the next.
                                                      That's the newest with me. Till next time!

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  1. Just love it.. your home will look very Christmasy :)0