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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's been awhile

Holy cow but I'm getting frustrated! I have some classes I am going to during the week and all these papers to get filled out so I can get a job. Kids to take care of and the house. Yes I'm whining! No, I just am not used to this pace I have to keep right now so I don't get to crochet very much. I also have two puppies who are a month and a half old. Precious puppy breath. I have started a pattern for Sarah London's favorite afghan and man I love the pattern! I really like the fp and bp stitches. I imagine it will take me a while like everything else but it is fun and something to look forward too. Next time I want to show some pictures of my pups since I finally emptied my camera. Some more crochet too. Have a good one, thanks for stopping in.

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