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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grandala Squares Update

Hello!!!! Well I have been busy on my grandala squares. I have a sketch done of the layout of the squares for the afghan and I finished one set of squares. I'm going to join them together then start the next set. I'm being a good girl and sewing ends in as I go. I've learned if I leave too much at the end then I get overwhelmed and then lazy and the project doesn't get finished. I'm really loving making these which helps as I do get bored very fast. I have even turned my head away from other patterns so as not to get distracted, that's not easy for me! I don't really make new years resolutions but if I had to it would be to finish a project before starting another. ( yeah that's gonna happen)! Hee Hee! So that's where I'm at. Super excited to start joining and then lay it on the bed to get an idea of how many sets I will need. I'll be back to post pics of that in the next day or two! Thanks for visiting!


  1. Love your Grandala Squares. It will be a beautiful blanket. Love the colors!

  2. Very soft and warm colors. I like this granny squares. Very hard work. Best wishes...