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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello........ I have been gone awhile! My computer totally went on the fritz and my brother helped me to finally get it fixed. So much problems! Sadly too, my computer had a virus that was eating certain files so I've lost all but a few pictures :(   I'm so crushed, I had vacation pictures and video of my daughter graduating elementary school, among lots of other things. So I have to start fresh! I do have a few pics on my camera and I'm ready to take some of a couple other projects so I'll hopefully get to that soon. Thanks for stopping by, I"LL BE BACK....


  1. Oh No!! That is so horrible when it happens, it has happened to me way too many times. I have found a great way to back up my documents and photos, I just put it all on a storage flash drive. Its small, portable and when I take my laptop anywhere all my files are accessible to me. I used to burn all my photos on cd but that got expensive and time consuming, I read about this online and thought DUH, what a simple idea ....I am sorry to hear you lost your photos. :( Better days...~~Debb

  2. Happy 4th of July! Just wanted to stop by & say hello. I may not comment but I visit often. Stay Cool!