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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello...I got a couple of pictures on my computer so I want to show you two things I've made lately. I still have to take pictures of several other things but I have these two for today.
I made a sunflower using Dawns pattern. Her website is called Fiddlesticks and you can find the pattern here.  Actually takes you to the current page but the pattern is in the July archives. Love her designs. And oh jeez, you should see the beautiful wall hanging my brother made from this, it was a surprise for me. I'll get pictures very soon, I need hubby's help hanging it up. It's so awesome..
The pumpkins I made using a pattern from the current issue of Stitch Craft Create magazine. I bought it at Walmart and I've seen it at the book store as well. Super easy and fast pattern, I made a huge one with giant homespun but sadly it looks terrible so no picture of it..I've alo made a cornicopia and some vegetables and have two afghans going..I'm on a rip as I said. Ooooohhhhh and a really sweet owl pillow, it's adorable!!!! I need to get the dang camera husband has had it up at Lowman a lot, trying to get a record of how the cabin building is going.
So busy things right now..I'm super stoked fall is coming, love love love it!!! I get fall fever instead of spring fever  :) I think that's about it for now, I want to visit some blogs I have missed lately and work on my afghan some more, it's single crochet so it's going to take some time. Back soon with more pics..have a good one!