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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sunflower Wall Hanging

This is the beautiful sunflower wall hanging I told you about. I still have not hung it up but I wanted to show you anyway. My brother Chris made it as a surprise for me. He used the sunflower pattern found on Dawn's blog, Fiddlesticks. The rest he made up himself. I soooooooo love it, it's awesome, the best part being that it's from my brother, who as I've said, is my best friend. We're now working on tree skirts, I'll show that soon as well. Till next time....


  1. Your new sunflower wall hanging looks so nice - very cheerful. :)

  2. Your wall hanging is gorgeous ,love the colours xx

  3. Looks wonderful! How nice of your brother to make it for you!

  4. It is lovely and very colourfull ,hope your well xx

  5. They are so exquisite! Like Van Gogh's Sunflowers on the canvas.

    1. Hi, Dianne! I love Van Gogh's paintings, and you've noticed a great likeness here, I must say. The sunflowers are so bright and colorful, though. Van Gogh wasn't so lustrous about his works.
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