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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Owls, A Basket and A Sprite

 My little family of owls is slowly growing. I made the two little ones super fast, it's a quick pattern.
 I made this one first, he was quite tiny, which I have a hard time working with. My fingers want to cramp.
 Then I made the little brown one. I used the pattern for the Austin Owl. Pattern is here.
 I also made a chunky basket, using this pattern. I held two strands of Hometown USA yarn together, it is very thick. Then I added some flowers I made using Alice's pattern from Crochet with Raymond. Looks like it would be a good Easter basket.  There on the bottom is a peek at what I'm working on now. I'm slow with the amigurumi that has several parts. It's going to be a little Sprite. Hope you enjoyed and I'll be back soon!


  1. The little owls are cute - and I love the basket. :)

  2. your owls are so cute. Also I like your little basket. I must decide to make what I ll do by looking your blog.. All of them are so good...

  3. Such sweet makes i love the litle basket xxx