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Thursday, February 9, 2012


 Hello again!! I haven't posted for a few days as my twenty year old son was in a car wreck. It's been several days back and forth with my husband, going over to work on the car. We thought we were good but now he's having issues with the gas tank. So back we'll go. Cody is okay, he had a concussion and whiplash but we got to the docs and got him some medicine. So it's been busy busy busy!

In between running around I have taken pics of my craft room as it looks right now. The closet also. Shameful! In my defense, the kids also use the room and add to the general mess.

I have decided I want to repaint the room. I despise the color I have now. I want a nice creamy background for pictures and crafts to stand out against.

I really want to learn to sew and my husband has said he will teach me to use the sewing machine. So I need to make room for that.

This is how my closet looks, a mass of messiness! I have bag upon bag of yarn, different crafts and supplies stuffed in here. 

Unfinished projects waiting for my attention.

This is probably what I will tackle this weekend. I need to make myself get rid of things I don't use and get everything else organized.

This is some of my little fabric stash. I looooooooooove fabric and I want so bad to learn to sew, I want to make some patchwork crafts. 

My newest craft book, I really like felt projects too.

Finally I bought a sketch book and colored pencils. So I can get things down in color to give me a better visual of my ideas. That's about it for now, I'll be back with pics of a (hopefully) clean craft closet and maybe a bit of a project. Have a good one!


  1. Don't feel bad; I think everybody's craft room looks like this. Glad to hear your son is OK. Your husband knows how to sew? That's unusual! Maybe you could take some classes or maybe there is a free sewing class at your local fabric store. Good luck! My mother taught me to sew.

  2. Good to hear that your son is ok. Love your craft room. :)

  3. I am happy that your son is good now. God bless.. And all your room photos are look like my craft room. I like this kind of rooms because This shows us that we are working there and making so good things. We are busy with our works.. That is a warm house I think..