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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Little Progress

Well I finally have a chance to post. I'm hanging with my brother, using his internet to check my e-mails and such. In between unpacking and getting the kids settled in a new school I managed to make some bunting and another african flower pot holder. Ready to work on something else over the weekend.  I started feeling the pressure building, all the moving, unpacking, worrying and general upheaval. Getting a divorce is stressful, not something I wanted to go through but found to be a necessity. So I took the day off so to speak, no unpacking, cleaning, thinking, just loosen up and try to be positive. I think I'll have a look around the web and try to find some inspiration for a new project. Crocheting and reading are my favorite things in the world, so relaxing and I can make some things to spiffy up my new house. New for me but it's actually from the 20's. It's old but it's mine. Some crochet will spruce it up right quick! So off I go, happy weekend to everyone.

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