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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Picking Up Where I Left Off

     My Attic24 Bag. I got lazy and skipped the flowers and did not do a good job sewing on the  handles. I was in a hurry as I had kids and a my husband at my feet all waiting for me to do other things! I will have to give it another go, but not quite as big. It's really very floppy, I did too many rows for the bottom. I do love the flat circle pattern though. I've had a lot of trouble keeping my rugs flat and when I got this bag out to finish it I realized I should use that pattern. So off I will be to try another rug! I intend to master it!
This is a second afghan for my husband, the first one I made for him is cool, I just wasn't very good at controlling how big I made the stitches. A baggy mess I'll tell ya. He's a sweety though and always says how much he loves it. This is a bad pic, the color is a lot deeper than it looks. More pics later as I get more done on it. I still want to get all these ufo's out of the closet.
I of course can't help myself from doing small projects in between but I'm still plugging away. I need to finish this afghan and two more after that. Then I will start another, I do love afghan's, if only I could stick with something and see it through. I guess I'm just a fickle chick!
All right then, enough for today, work to do, crochet calling me and a trip to the library! Enjoy the day!

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