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Friday, June 24, 2011


Well I've been busy getting my craft room put back together. A little messy still but I can get around. 
A little corner to sit and crochet while I watch my shows. My book shelf is looking good and I have some space to sit at my desk and dink around on my laptop.
After I finished the market bag I started a stash basket from the Purlbee. I can see I will need to make many more. It worked up pretty quickly and is a nice size. I had also started a bid granny basket. I have two squares so far. I'm hanging at my brother's for the day and I'm going to try to finish it. It's a pattern from the July/August 2011 Crochet Today magazine. My brother made one and it's very cute. I might get a little side tracked though as I first have a need to make a granny basket from Pickles. I'm using homespun so it should be a quick pattern. 
I'm ready for some movie watching, crocheting and relaxing. Good day to all.

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  1. I like your crafty room, love the old seat on your table.

    Your room invited me, to come, sit down and crocheting all the day. I must crochet on the sofa in our living room, i don´t have a crafty room.

    Have a beautiful day.

    Lovely greets,