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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On a roll

 I'm working through a few projects now, in between unpacking things and working with my husband. Having fun getting my craft room put back together. I want to find more time to blog, I've missed it. 
I got my market bag finished, I can't say I'd use that pattern again but at least I have another bag. I'm kind of a bag freak.
I spent some time with my daughter, teaching her to make granny squares. these are her first three. She got better with each one. The great thing about Shelby is that she's a quick learner. Once or twice to see how it's done and off she goes! 
 I also started a big granny square bag from a pattern in the new crochet today magazine. I should of used a really thick yarn as I can tell it will be floppy. I'll just stuff it with yarn anyway! I have several other small things I'd like to make, that I have seen on Tangled happy. I think i'll need a few life times to make all the things I want to make! It is a lot if fun collecting patterns though, I love to look at the pictures even if i don't make them all.
Well, I'm off now, hubby will be here shortly and we have  a lot to do this evening. Happy crocheting!

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