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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello, I've been gone a few days from blogging, I've been working on projects and doing some thrift shopping. I'm quite obsessed with rag rugs at the moment, so out I went to buy some sheets. I have quite a pile stacked up in the closet now, waiting to be cut. After one round of cutting a twin sized sheet , my back and fingers were killing me. I tried tearing them but I don't like how frayed it looks. I discovered if I put some band-aids on my thumb and finger it cushions it nicely. So I'll have another go at it. It is definitely cheaper buying at thrift stores than getting new fabric. I bought new fabric and started the rug you see and it was quite spendy. After much time on
the computer I found most people use old sheets and clothes and whatnot. I'm all for saving and it doesn't hurt that those things are being reused. We need a lot more of that, don't we? In fact. I'm looking into more ways to recycle, if anyone has any crafty ideas. I'm always on the lookout for new projects (yes, I have too many on the burner already) but I do love seeing new things, being inspired by other people's creations. What can it hurt?  My craft room is overflowing at the moment but it's a good overflow, as I do love to see all my pretties and such. That's the bright side of having a room all to yourself, you can fill it full then shut the door on the mess! Well I believe I've been on here long enough, duty calls, meaning I need to get off my butt and clean the kitchen, then some crochet time, my favorite. See you next time, enjoy you're day!


  1. Hello. I had to comment about the rag rug. It is something I have thought about doing before but never got round to it. I'm doing my little girls room just now and the floor is laminate, cold cold laminate. The cost of rugs is stupendous so this idea is sitting pretty on my mind. I look forward to seeing your progress

  2. This is very pretty. These were in and out so many times. I think they are timeless and a fantastic way to recycle. They are wonderful.