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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Etsy Progress

Textured Rug for Etsy

Flower Squares, a project in progress for Etsy
I've started a few projects for etsy and I have a few done that I don't want to put pictures up of as it's a joint project with my brother. We share the shop and are finishing the design first. My trouble with getting things made is there are so many awesome projects I see from other people that I get very sidetracked! So many gorgeous things out there! Lately though I have been dividing my time with finishing things I've already started, making things for etsy and making things that I can't resist. Also trying to apply myself to some charity crochet. I love everything crochet, I love to wander the store aisle, feeling up the yarn, drooling over books. Anyone else have this problem?

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