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Thursday, January 13, 2011


I got a surprise yesterday, good and bad. We brought two rabbits home a week apart last summer. We were told they were both girls. Yesterday morning I went out to feed cinnamon and here's the bad news, I found a dead baby bunny in the cage. Seeing as we always thought we had girls this was a bit of a surprise. We built an insulated box on the back of the cage and there Cinnamon had babies. Eight to be exact but three have died. It's hard to look at them, they are so tiny. The father is also gone, as he has attacked several of us and Cinnamon. So I aim to help her keep the rest healthy, hopefully they will all make it. They seem very plump and lively so I'm not too worried. The good thing is I get to see these sweet things grow. What I will do with them all is a mystery! Here's a photo of momma, the dark one, one of her babies and dad. She was watching me closely so I only got a picture of one baby. There is one the exact color of Cinnamon and the rest are very light. Should be interesting to see what they wind up looking like.

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